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The home of traditional Italian cookware


Single Handle Rolling Pin
Gnocchi Ridger Board
Ga.Ri Brass Pasta Wheel Ravioli Tool
Brass Round Cappelletti Stamp Cutter with Automatic Release
Gnocchi / Garganelli Board With Base and Stick
Malloreddus Pasta Board
Brass Ferretto Pasta Fusilli
Lasagne Shovel
From £9.00
Square Ravioli Cutter 7cm
Straight & Zigzag Two Wheel Pastry Cutter
Round Ravioli Stamp 6cm Diameter
Potato Ricer or Passatelli Maker
Garganelli Double Surface Board With Easy Release Rolling Stick
Italian pasta cutting wheel brass
Traditional Garganelli Pasta Pettine
Wooden Ravioli Rolling Pin
Oval Pasta Cutter Roller
GaRi Pasta Cutter Wheel
Large Heart Shaped Ravioli Cutter
Stainless Steel Spaghetti Tongs
Pappardelle Rolling Pin - Thickness of pasta strips 1.5cm
Square Ravioli Stamp 5cm
Pearwood 'Alpine Star Flower' Edelweiss Corzetti Stamp
Pearwood 'Orris' Fleur de Lis Lys Corzetti Stamp
Round Ravioli Stamp Cutter 8cm Diameter
Sold Out
Wooden Pasta Pastry Dough Board Worktop Scraper
Round Ravioli Stamp 4.5cm Diameter
pasta wheel pastry dough cutter
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Pasta Fresca

Fresh pasta is easy and fun to make, and can be as elaborate or simple as you want. The ‘flat’ pastas like lasagne sheets, tagliatelle and spaghetti can be made by rolling out the dough with a standard rolling pin and then cut quickly into strands. Or for more elaborate pastas you could try making a ‘filled’ pasta such as tortellini or ravioli.

Our range of pasta making equipment and pasta tools should have you ready to go for both beginners and professionals.