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The home of traditional Italian cookware. NOTICE Due to Upcoming Royal Mail strikes, Royal Mail services are likely to be affected until the end of December 2022. We will use alternative couriers to reduce disruption wherever possible, but please be aware of possible delivery delays during this time.


It might be difficult to find a range of traditional Italian cooking utensils and kitchenware. To get an authentic result, some traditional recipes may require certain moulds, or cutters such as a gnocchi ridger board, corzetti and cappelletti moulds. We stock a wide range of unusual and hard to find items that will get you experimenting and creating your own homemade Italian food in no time. Get inspired and try different techniques. For example, you may find that you swap your old hand crank pasta machine for your new best friend, a pasta cutter rolling pin.
Single Handle Rolling Pin
Lasagne Shovel
£5.99 GBP
Large Mezzaluna or Hachoir Curved Double Handled Knife 25cm
Potato Ricer or Passatelli Maker
Round bowl stainless steel parmesan cheese grater
Heavy Flat Meat Tenderiser / Tenderizer
Oval Wooden Spoon
Oval Wooden Spoon
From £1.10 GBP
Professional Cherry Pitter / Olive Stoner
Sold Out
Big / Giant Square Handled Flat Wooden Spoon
Small Mezzaluna / Hachoir Curved Double Handled Knife with Two Blades
Medium Wooden Scoop 50ml Length 14cm
Small Wooden Box Parmesan Cheese Grater Handle
Extra Large Wooden Scoop 150ml Length 20cm
Long Handled Wooden Spoon
Large Wooden Scoop 80ml Length 16.5cm
Cast Aluminium Sprung Burger Press 10cm
Rotary Herb Mincer
Sold Out
Sold Out
Small Wooden Scoop 20ml Length 10cm
Sold Out
Pack of 50 Beechwood skewers
Stainless Steel Vegetable Steamer Folding Basket 22cm
Stainless Steel Truffle Slicer
Wooden Two Pronged Fork 27cm
Beechwood Polenta Ladle 46cm
Sold Out
Very Small Wooden Scoop 6.5ml Length 7cm
Sold Out
Wooden Produce Crate
Sold Out
Adjustable & Foldable Wooden Cook Book Stand
Stainless Steel Narrow Pincer Chef Tongs 31cm
Upside down convex crepe pan
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