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The home of traditional Italian cookware

About Us

It started with an Italian Wedding.

Our Friend's Italian Wedding

We were staying with our soon-to-be married friend, a local from a small village in the foothills of the Dolomites in the North of Italy. Arriving from the smog in London really makes you appreciate the clean air, beautiful vistas and natural way of life in rural Italy. (Although at first it did feel like we were suddenly stuck in the middle of nowhere!).

The day of the wedding came and we were definitely not prepared for the exquisite all-day buffet, culminating in the evening with a 10 course meal. Apart from the sheer volume, the food was - to put it simply – incredible, and on another level to the Italian food we’d sampled in the UK.

Beef wrapped in pastry, parma ham with slices of mozzarella and sage, succulent stems of asparagus served with creamy spinach puree. Parmesan lollipops, seafood risotto, local ham, cheeses and wine.

Everything was delicious, full of flavour and colourful.

Our Italian friend continued our culinary education by taking us on a whirlwind tour of local wine, cheese and ham producers. The bounty from these parts were strikingly delicate, refined, and simply delicious.

When we returned home, we knew we had to bring back a little bit of our Italian experience to the UK. We had fallen in love with the Italian ways of food, family and simple beauty.

When we tried to recreate these dishes at home, we found that the traditional Italian cookware we needed was simply not available - and so the Italian Cookshop was born.

So why not grab a glass of wine and spend a lazy Sunday with friends or family in the kitchen, cooking the way Italian families have been for centuries before.


Kim & Rob