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The home of traditional Italian cookware

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Single Handle Rolling Pin
Gnocchi Ridger Board
Gnocchi / Garganelli Board With Base and Stick
Malloreddus Pasta Board
Square Ravioli Cutter 7cm
Round Ravioli Stamp 6cm Diameter
Wooden Ravioli Rolling Pin
Oval Pasta Cutter Roller
Large Heart Shaped Ravioli Cutter
Pappardelle Rolling Pin - Thickness of pasta strips 1.5cm
Square Ravioli Stamp 5cm
Round Ravioli Stamp Cutter 8cm Diameter
Round Ravioli Stamp 4.5cm Diameter
Wooden Pasta Pastry Dough Board Worktop Scraper
Tagliatelle Rolling Pin - Thickness of pasta strips 0.6cm
Spaghetti Rolling Pin - Thickness of pasta strips 0.4cm
Zigzag Edged Pasta Cutter Roller
Straight Edged Pasta Cutter Roller
Star Shaped Ravioli Cutter
Large Oval Shaped Ravioli Cutter
Sunflower Shaped Ravioli Cutter
Wooden Pastry Roller
Sold Out
Wooden Conical Pastry & Pizza Dough Roller
Triangular Shaped Ravioli Cutter
small circle round pasta ravioli cutter 3cm