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Italian Cookshop Journal

Ravioli [Attempt No. 1]

Ravioli [Attempt No. 1]

My journey learning about Italian food continues. It invariably started with the eating, but has now progressed full-flow into cooking. I’ve never tried making ravioli before, and delving into my subconscious, perhaps it is because I was a little intimidated to.
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making gnocchi by hand

Leftover Loveliness: Transforming Mashed Potato into Gnocchi

Gnocchi: an Italian staple, and immensely satisfying to make. Perhaps it’s just me, but rolling little balls of squishy soft dough into ridged ovals before plopping the lot into boiling water is immensely relaxing. It’s basically Play-doh for adults… that you get to eat.
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