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Non UPF Chocolate: Gianduja, the Delicious Original since 1865

Non UPF Chocolate Caffarel Gianduja 1865

Have you been scrutinising the back of every bar of chocolate, looking for one that doesn't contain UPF (Ultra Processed Food) emulsifiers like soy lecithin in the ingredients? Well, we think we've found something you might like. Find them here.

Italian chocolate maker, Caffarel, produce a delicious type of chocolate called 'Gianduja'. It's a rich, velvety, creamy chocolate made of a mixture of chocolate and ground hazelnuts. Its recipe dates back to 1865, long before the invention of ultra-processed food additives, and today is still made to the same traditional recipe. 

The ingredient list includes: Sugar, 28% Piedmont hazelnuts, cocoa mass, whole milk powder, cocoa butter, almonds, vanilla powder.

Chocolate with no emulsifiers Caffarel Classic Gianduia Gianduja

Following a hike on Italian import duties on cocoa beans in 1861, Pier Paul Caffarel took the initiative and out of necessity bulked out his traditional chocolate recipe by adding local Piedmontese hazelnuts, ground into a paste. These chocolates ('gianduiotto') were individually wrapped and made their debut at the carnival of Turin. It was there that a much loved character, 'Gianduja', a popular figure in the Italian Commedia dell'Arte, handed out these chocolates to the public. The chocolates were so well received and loved that they eventually came to be known as gianduja after this character. 

Take a look at these sumptuous gianduiotto drops, individually wrapped in elegant gold foil. No more is needed: simple, elegant and authentic.

Caffarel Gianduja Gianduiotto Individually Wrapped Chocolates

The answer to eating less UPFs may be found in old recipes and traditional methods of food preparation. The enduring nature of a product that has survived over 100 years and still continues to remain relevant and a favourite is something to be celebrated and respected. Eating these chocolates really is like tasting a piece of history (call me sentimental!).  As some people have heirlooms and appreciate the history of antiques, recipes such as this one connects us with those of the past, and opens a window into history where we can understand what our forebears used to eat, enjoy and ultimately decide to treasure. 

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Caffarel Gianduia 1865 L'Originale Creamy Gianduja Pralines 150g, £8.99

Original Gianduia Gianduja Cocoa and Hazelnuts


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