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Pasta Stamps & Moulds

Brass Round Cappelletti Stamp Cutter with Automatic Release
Round Ravioli Stamp 6cm Diameter
Square Ravioli Cutter 7cm
Pearwood 'Orris' Fleur de Lis Lys Corzetti Stamp
Pearwood 'Alpine Star Flower' Edelweiss Corzetti Stamp
Large Heart Shaped Ravioli Cutter
Round Ravioli Stamp Cutter 8cm Diameter
Round Ravioli Stamp 4.5cm Diameter
Square Ravioli Stamp 5cm
Brass GaRi Ravioli Stamp Cutter Pasta Anolini Flower
Star Shaped Ravioli Cutter
Brass Anolini Ravioli Cappelletti Stamp
Large Oval Shaped Ravioli Cutter
Pearwood 'Fiore' Flower Corzetti Stamp / Press Mould
Small Round Ravioli Tray With Rolling Pin 3.5cm
Ga.Ri Brass Square Ravioli Anolini Stamp with Auto Ejector
Triangular Shaped Ravioli Cutter
Sunflower Shaped Ravioli Cutter
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GaRi Mezzaluna Ravioli Half Moon Stamp Brass
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