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The home of traditional Italian cookware


Lasagne Shovel
From £9.00
Set of 6 Pronged Olive Fork/ Pick with Olive Wood Handle
Big / Giant Square Handled Flat Wooden Spoon
Stainless Steel Spaghetti Tongs
Cherry Wood Tongs 30cm
Stainless Steel Wrap Toothpick Holder
Small Wooden Box Parmesan Cheese Grater Handle
Pack of 50 Beechwood skewers
Large Pizza Wheel Cutter
small ladle for cherries olives tiny pickles
Wooden Two Pronged Fork 27cm
Meat Serving Tongs
Wooden Salami Chopping Board
Small Curved Cheese Knife 6x2.5cm
Sold Out
Bruschetta Long Wooden Chopping / Serving Board 50cm
Sold Out
Narrow 'Cheddar' Spatula Cheese Knife 6.5x2cm
Large Curved Cheese Knife 8x4cm
Cheese Fork 6.5x2.5cm
Stainless Steel Italian Coffee Pot
Sold Out
Wide 'Stilton' Spatula Cheese Knife 6.5x4.5cm
Stainless Steel Classic Wine Filter Funnel
Mini Wooden Bowl
From £5.00
56 results

Italian Tableware

Serve up your Italian feast with our range of rustic tablewares. Place your cold meats, cheese and bread on huge wooden boards for a relaxed and casual dining experience. Leave people to help themselves with ham tongs, cheese knives, etc as they will, of course, be back for seconds.