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The home of traditional Italian cookware

Welcome to Italian Cookshop

Our UK based online store has been proudly serving our customers since 2013.

We love how food made and prepared with care and attention gives us a sense of wellbeing and fulfillment. We believe good food does not need to be complicated or fancy where cooking might feel time consuming or intimidating. We just want honest, fresh food we can share and enjoy with each other.

We are here, with our range of kitchen tools, to support you with your cooking creations and make your recipes come to life.

We are delighted to meet you - happy shopping!

Kim & Rob (Founders)

Our Story

A Mission In Mind

To create and form a company where people can come and feel inspired to try their hand at cooking the Italian way.

We envision a beautiful online store, stocked with the very best tools, ingredients and accessories for your kitchen.

An Italian Food Lover's Emporium

Since starting out in 2013, we have added to our collection year on year, to assemble a wonderful selection of Made in Italy items. From humble beginnings, originally only selling to UK clients, our business has grown internationally with numerous restaurants, hotels and celebrities now among our list of clients.

Our Collections

Affordable Tools for a Luxury Lifestyle

We are always mindful of keeping our prices as low as possible. One aspect of our core values is fair pricing which drives us to constantly keep checking, to ensure our prices are the same or lower than our competitors.

Food Art

Art has no boundaries and that holds true with those of you that choose pasta or baking as your artistic canvas or medium. Our customers imagine and create the most amazing food art. We've seen pastas in almost every colourful hue, patterned to perfection with shapes and textures to die for. Hopefully we can be a part of that and help you realise your dreams by providing the right boards, cutters and equipment that you need.

Made in Italy

When preparing food, we want you to feel, if even just a slight, connection with the object you are using. We have chosen to source all of our items from Italy for a more authentic experience. Most of our kitchen tools are made by small workshops called 'labs' where the craftsmen have learnt their skills from the older generations in their family. The culture, experience and knowledge, we believe, is reflected in the wood and metal work of each item. As items are mostly made by hand, there are imperfections and subtle variations, almost like a personal signature. Each piece has a feeling as you hold it, telling a story and giving a connection to the individual craftsman.


We have carefully looked at our business processes to try to reduce waste that ends up in landfill and recycle where we can. All of the packaging you receive is recyclable and compostable, from our kraft tape to our uncoated paper stickers. The products we choose are also mostly made of wood or metal with very little plastic. So when your item comes to the end of its life, it can be easily recycled or composted.