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The home of traditional Italian cookware

Brass Pasta Tools

Ga.Ri Brass Pasta Cutter with Four Wheels
Solid Brass Pasta Stamp Round Smooth Anolini
Brass 2 wheel Pasta Cutter Fluted Festooned
Ga.Ri Brass Square Ravioli Anolini Stamp with Auto Ejector
GaRi Mezzaluna Ravioli Half Moon Stamp Brass
Ga.Ri Brass Four Wheel Pasta Cutter
Brass Ferretto Pasta Fusilli
Brass Round Cappelletti Stamp Cutter with Automatic Release
Italian pasta cutting wheel brass
Ga.Ri Brass Pasta Wheel Ravioli Tool
Brass GaRi Ravioli Stamp Cutter Pasta Anolini Flower
Brass Anolini Ravioli Cappelletti Stamp
GaRi Pasta Cutter Wheel
Ga.Ri Brass Ravioli Anolini Stamp
Ga.Ri Brass Pasta Pastry Cutter Wheel
Pasta Sardegna Tools Brass Rotella
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