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The home of traditional Italian cookware

Atlas 150 Design - Copper

Get the Atlas 150 plated in real copper for a show-stopping addition to your kitchen. The smooth copper finish exudes luxury but being eye catching is just the start. Marcato engineer machines to be of the highest quality and durability.

Marcato 2 Year Warranty

Marcato have been manufacturing their products in Italy since the 1930s to guarantee the best production.

Marcato's pasta machines come with a standard 2-year warranty.

Atlas 150 Classic

Smooth and easy to use, the Marcato Atlas 150 allows you to control the thickness of your pasta sheet with ten different thickness settings. An added attachment makes cutting fettuccine and tagliolini simple and quick. A great, everyday machine for the home cook.

Atlasmotor or Pastadrive

Choose from the Atlasmotor or Pastadrive attachment (for your existing Atlas 150/180) to make fresh pasta with even less effort. By switching to a motorised pasta machine, it allows you to free up both hands for more control and without the hand crank, you can use the pasta machine on any surface without the need to secure it with the hand clamp.

The Atlasmotor includes: Atlas 150 Classic Pasta Machine + Pastadrive motor

The Pastadrive motor is a separate attachment that fits onto your existing Atlas 150 or 180 pasta machine.