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Potato Ricer or Passatelli Maker

Potato Ricer or Passatelli Maker


Passatelli is a pasta type dumpling made of breadcrumbs, parmesan cheese, eggs, nutmeg, and lemon. The ingredients are made into a dough then passed through this press to form long noodles. These are then cooked in chicken broth. The dish originates from northern Italy and provides a warming and comforting meal.

This passatelli press comes with two interchangeable discs. Use the plate with the large holes for passatelli and the small hole plate for ricing potatoes.

This tool is also great for making gnocchi. Mash your hot potatoes quickly and easily to the perfect consistency with no lumps.

To use:

  • Lift lever to open chamber.
  • Choose disc plate and place into the chamber.
  • Pop in potato or passatelli dough
  • Close press to force and squash the food through the plate.
  • Long noodles should be formed on the outside of the press.


Material: Aluminium

Dimensions: L26cm x W9cm x D8cm

Made in Italy






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