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Wooden Ravioli Rolling Pin
Wooden Ravioli Rolling Pin

Wooden Ravioli Rolling Pin

Probably the fastest and easiest way to make ravioli!


To use:

  • After rolling out your fresh pasta, spread your filling evenly onto the surface.
  • Place your second layer of rolled pasta on top and gently pat to remove any air pockets.
  • Take your ravioli rolling pin and with slow gentle pressure, start rolling from one end to make the ravioli parcels. Some filling will squirt out of the sides.
  • The ravioli cushions should have taken shape. With a sharp knife or pasta cutter, cut along the grooves so that the ravioli separate and become individual.
  • Place the ravioli onto a tray with semolina or polenta to dry for a while before cooking.

Material: Beech wood

Dimensions: Length of rolling pin 54cm, diameter 5cm. Makes raviolo sized 2 x 3cm

Made in Italy

Not suitable for the dishwasher.



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