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1 Litre Oak Barrel for Maturing Wine With Stand
Oak Barrel for Maturing Wine With Stand

Oak Barrel for Maturing Wine With Stand


A solid oak wine barrel for maturing or adding flavour to wine or spirits. The barrel is handmade and finished with 4 metal hoops. There is a filling hole in the top of the barrel with bung and a hole at the front for the tap. The barrel sits nicely on a beech wood stand.

Before you fill your barrel with wine or spirits please ensure you cure your barrel with water to close any leaks. As the wood absorbs the water it will expand and close any gaps in the barrel.

Age your wine or spirits according to your taste, some spirits can be stored for up to 5 years.

Once your barrel has been wet it must always be kept wet even if you are not aging spirits anymore.

Store with water inside instead to prevent the wood from cracking and shrinking.  With appropriate care this handcrafted barrel will give many years of service.


Made in Italy

Material: Oak wood

Dimensions of Barrels

1 litre

2 litre

3 litre

5 litre

10 litre


L15cm x Diameter 14cm

L18cm x Diameter 14cm

L20cm x Diameter 16cm

L24cm x Diameter 18cm

L28cm x Diameter 22cm



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