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The home of traditional Italian cookware


What's inside?
A sneak peek to show you how we package up our parcels.

Each item is scrutinised before being sent. We only send items that reach our quality standards. Wooden items, such as handles, might feel a bit rough from the manufacturer. Our team in the UK hand sand some of these items to make sure the item is at its best.

We hand wrap delicate items before sending them to you to ensure they are protected and reach you in perfect condition. We don't believe in excessive packaging and believe the tools speak for themselves.

We hope to do our bit for the environment and reduce plastic waste. Most of our packaging is paper based and is non-laminated, which can be easily recycled or composted at home.

We aim to reuse materials and packaging where possible and this is usually the only plastic you will find in your parcel. This plastic protection can also be recycled.