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The home of traditional Italian cookware

Baking & Chocolate

Italian desserts appear so elegant and simple but their flavours are rich, creamy, and indulgent. Who could resist a rich coffee tiramisu, chilled panna cotta, sweet crème caramel or crisp cannoli. Our baking and chocolate section includes a growing range of cake tins, biscuit cutters, chocolate moulds and pastry tools to help you get started.

Our cake tins are all hand shaped and welded and include traditional Italian cake shapes such as the Pandoro and Colomba (dove) cake.

Pizzelle Italian Waffle Cookie Stamp Iron with Wooden Cone
Easter Dove of Peace Single Wing Colomba Cake Tin 750g
Upside down convex crepe pan
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Large Aluminium Citrus Press / Squeezer
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Easter Dove of Peace Two Wing Colomba Cake Tin 750g
Old Fashioned Cookie / Biscuit Cutter Roller With Six Shapes
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Italian Pandoro Cake Tin 750g
Curved Asymmetric Heart Cake Tin
Shooting Star Cake Tin
Straight & Zigzag Two Wheel Pastry Cutter
pasta wheel pastry dough cutter
Italian pasta cutting wheel brass
Professional Cherry Pitter / Olive Stoner
Pastry Tongs
Single Handle Rolling Pin
Wooden Pastry Roller
Flower With Central Hole Cookie / Biscuit Cutter
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Savoiardi Shaped Cookie / Biscuit Cutter fluted
Wooden Cone Roller
Wooden Pasta Pastry Dough Board Worktop Scraper
Wooden Crepe or Pancake Batter Spreader
Four Leaf Clover Cookie / Biscuit Cutter
Small Aeroplane Cookie / Biscuit Cutter 7cm