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Fresh, healthy, delicious and colourful; how can anyone not love Italian food? Italians understand what it takes to create tasty food: time, love and attention to detail. It isn’t unusual for Italian families to spend a whole day preparing for one meal. Cooking is a social event, with friends and family chit-chatting whilst they make fresh garganelli pasta, rolling each individual pasta tube by hand. And if you really want to create the perfect Italian dish you will also need the right kitchen tools, and that’s where we come in.

Our UK based shop stocks authentic and traditional Italian kitchenware, cookware, bakeware, utensils and gadgets. Most of our products are made by hand in the North of Italy from oak, beech, cherry or lime wood, and stainless steel. Our butter moulds are hand-carved and our scoops, polenta ladles and pestle & mortars are individually turned with each one being slightly different. Our cake tins and breadstick holders are hand shaped and welded. For our avid fresh pasta fans we stock a large and unusual rustic range of pasta machines, presses, stamps, trays, rolling pins and equipment.

Invite your friends and family, and cook yourself an Italian feast, where the cooking process is as enjoyable and fun as the eating!



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